Trading life style -people having full time Job

Hello dear traders,
I am a newbie into the trading world having started learning about stock markets from Sep 2016.Having read through all the courses on varsity and several top materials on investing/trading,I find that its not an easy peasy thing to do.You have to really put all your effort and time into this if you want to see any substantial positive results(profits off course :slight_smile: ) .I would like to hear from my fellow investors/traders hee on zerodha,how do they go about their regular jobs and also at the same time have a firm grip on trading/investing.Can you please share your experiences /suggestions on how to balance these two worlds.Right now i feel overwhelming balancing these two,but on the other hand i dont want to give up either.



First thing first you have to decide what is your objective by entering into Trading(Remember it is a setting up a business. It is not about pressing a button from your smartphone/notebook as known as laptop or computer).

Once you decide your objective then below are the preparation you have to do

  1. You must create a business plan and consider all rewards and risks! Remember you are going to business!
  2. Do you have the required skills(apart of theoretical knowledge you would have gained by reading books, you tube videos, and done some paper trading) and power to let go(because you can’t be 100% right in the market ALL THE TIME and during this time you will loose money, so are you prepared for that).
  3. How much you have kept aside for your investment in education to know this industry. I mean not going to cheap seminar and getting fooled by those educators who have never professionally traded(if anyone in India claim that they are professional trader then go to NSE/BSE excahnge(SEBI) and ask them whether their names are registered in these exchange (it is similar to FSI in UK and SEC in US). So learn from a REAL professional trader from the world.
  4. What is your capital?
  5. What is your personality?
  6. Last but not least what is 32 to the power of 32. Just be real and answer this question imagining you are in a real trade.

Good luck! Happy to provide more information if that help you(by the way I lost INR 25 lacks between 2013 - 2016 and learned the hard lesson).