Trading Lifestyle

What is your trading lifestyle or you a full time trader or working professional + trader ? How you are managing time?


I usually do trades in my free time after day job for now, for like 3 hours or so, I may do it my full-time activity really in some future, but not just now cause it’s pretty hard to make any money in reality. How others are doing I am not sure and welcome them here to share;)

I am a govt school teacher. Mostly trade on off period or in leave day. On summer vacation or puja vacation take bigger risk but on normal day , not being able to watch market continuously take very very small risk. I enter the market in 2014 still now struggling. Sometimes feel money can be made from the market, some time feel Other way .


1914 ? Year or nifty index value ?

A good trader is the one who knows when to enter the market. It is not a right thing to sit in front of the computer screen for a whole day and night. You can trade when you hear a news. You can trade when you reach a typical price. It si teh right option!

One of my friends in US traded exactly the same way after she lost her new job at an university. By the end of her 4th month her account went from 50k to over $900k and she did not use any indicators except volume. All she did was trade all day without distraction. Day trading is a specialized skill which you have to develop using whatever knowledge you have, a good trader can sell anything at anytime - whether its a bull, bear or a flat market.


Trading needs full concentration. Whenever i did trade while i had other things to do, it didn’t work well. But with good concentration, even one trade is enough for a day.

Trading is a hobby. I don’t make a lot of money here, but enough for entertainment.
I have the main job, there is a good income, and I like the job. And in the evenings I like to take a beer and sit down to see what’s on the market. I can look at the market during traffic jams.
So I spend on Forex about 10 hours a week.