Trading lines on Tradingview charts doesn't show on lower time frames

I am plotting trendlines on higher time frame charts viz 1 day and 3 hours. After drawing them, when i switch them to 1 hour or 30 min i don’t see them. However, this behaviour doesn’t seem to exist on Can you please help. This behaviour is been forcing me to draw the lines on and keeping the prices on tab to kite portal back on forth all the day

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Trendline is visible on all timeframes by default. if it isn’t showing, click on trendline and from trendline settings check whether checkbox for minutes is checked in Visibility tab?

Hi Shubh

I have checked the settings and they are intact as advised. But the view seems to be too uncertain. I have drawn 2 trend lines on a 30 min chart. Saved it. When i go to 15 min chart, either both of them doesn’t show up or at time one of them shows up. Appreciate your immediate help

Looks like problem specific to you, request you to raise ticket at