Trading nifty options from USA

Hi, I moved to USA for long term and I have a zerodha account for which I sold some options also and made money.

Now, my question am I allowed to do that , i.e Can I trade my zerodha account from USA as long as I pay Indian taxes on the profit and do not transfer money back to USA.

my bank account is yet to be converted into NRO/NRE and zerodha is also opened while I was in India.

I usually play short vol strategies and direction bets

A resident Zerodha account can be used even after going abroad if the stay is less than 6 months. If it is more, a resident would be considered NRI and you will have to convert the account to NRI account. Explained here: Can a resident Zerodha account be used even after going abroad?

You can check the process for converting existing account to NRI account here: