Trading only using renko charts?

  1. is there anyone here who trades on using RENKO CHARTS ?

  2. what is the best parameter value for renko ?

  3. which indicators are best to use with renko charts ?

hElLO tRaDeR,

1) Here is a authoritative manual on Renko Charts:

2) The box size of renko charts depends on the currency value on the scrip. It also depends if you are day trading or investing. 

You can follow this general guideline when defining the renko box size for daytrading.

CMP 0 - 100 = .10
CMP 101 - 200 = .20
CMP 201 - 500 = .25 and so on

3) The concept of renko charts are different from OHLC candles. Ideally it is used alongside OHLC candle charts for price confirmation.

sir please say what is right brick size for swing trading , thanks in advance !