Trading Options Clarification

Hi All, I have below 3 queries, kindly help:

1.) If I buy or sell INDEX options for positional, can it be sold immediately on the same day or next day or any time I wish before its expiry. Since, for equities I am buying and it takes T+2 to get the stock credited and I can sell after that. Is that the case for options

2.) How to place SL in the same order for index options as I tried once to place an SL for intraday and it says some error that it can t be done. I need to know how to place SL for intraday options and positional. I learnt from some videos, we need to create a separate manual orders, not sure though, please help

3.) I have a risk appetite of 2%, but for index options, since its being volatile, it hits my SL most of the time (I will exit manually), however, I trade using the spot chart and calculating SL in that and placing the order on intraday seems a nightmare. Is there some suggestions on that please

  1. you can square-off your position anytime before expiry… on same day, day after… anytime you want.

  2. you will have to place stop-loss after you have taken position… not possible while playing order…

  3. that’s the hard part… 2% on option price is too little sometimes and 2% on underlying is too much… there no proper way to answer this… I think best way is to hedge positions instead of placing SL…

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Understood FancyyCosmonautt, thanks for your time to clarify…