Trading penny stock

I have one question. Let us take example of Birla Cotsyn share price. I have been observing that it trades between only two ticks on NSE. I.e. 0.05 & 0.10. I saw on NSE that at 0.05 tick there are only buyers and at 0.10 tick there are only sellers. Suppose if I place an order to buy it at 0.05 would my trade be executed, if there isn’t showing any seller at the same tick. If such thing wouldn’t happen then how do price fluctuates between 0.05 & 0.10 tick.

Hello Trader,

Penny Stocks is a place where the wolves waits for the sheeps to come in first.

Once you place a buy order for 5 paisa, the wolves watch this and dumps this valueless rubbish over to you.

100% returns seems promising, till you experience this trap.

The advice is, try it but do not loose it all.

Follow up to your message:

You cannot sell them untill you have them in your demat account first.

Once you buy them it takes 3 days before you can sell it.

When you want to sell it. There would be no buyers at 10 paisa.

Not worth all this effort.

If you are the gambling type, you can throw your money into Nifty/Bank Nifty Long Option bets instead. Much much better odds of making money & good returns possible.

You want 20-100 times returns on single trade, go back to Day Dreaming.