Trading platforms

In Indian market, which is the best trading platform?

You have tried PI, Kite and Now, so you rate these first others will follow.

Yes, you are right, Haribabu. Earlier, I am bond of Pi . Kite, depth of market update is delayed. Due to order management delay, I shifted to NSE NOW. NOW is speed and good. But not having space for analysis.

Hence, I put forth the question to our beloved traders like you. You people knows better than me.
So, your comments please.

I tried only PI and Kite only no other trading platform. my view is also same. We need Faster Quotes and Order Execution.

patiently waiting for last one year.

In that case of faster execution, NOW is best platform.
Thanks Haribabu, for your views.

Even im looking fr one!
Has anybody tried ? They say founders earlier worked at Zerodha & they hv best trading platform!

I am not having fyres account. Let people who used the same may give suggestions.

@SurajM Ya I did try them.Their trading platform have lot many advanced features .every nook and corner of their desktop platform is consumed by some or the other feature.If you love to have too many things on your workspace that will be good for you.For my personality I like simplicity and hence zerodha does best here :grinning:

Ok. So, it is an advanced platform. It works seamless right? Also, can kite login be integrated to it?

I haven’t used it extensively to comment on its features.Also not sure if KITE can be integrated to FYERs as these are completely different platforms.


Nse now is best platform in my view

Problem with nse now is it does not work on 64 bit windows10 . What system are you using

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I am using Windows 8. NSE NOW is working fine, hassle free.

How to use nse now?

I think u need to send an email to zeordha customer service to migrate your user id password to Nse Now /Nest.
I tried but it did not work on windows 10 64 bit operating system. but ok with 34 bit O/S. So check first with zerodha

can you provide the link to download nse now.

Every one has access to nest trader by idea about nse now

If you want to migrate to NSE NOW, you have to approach [email protected] informing your interest of switchover to NSE NOW. They will migrate your account from Pi/Kite to NSE NOW.
The user id, password and download link will send by Zerodha support.

After migration, you can’t access Pi/Kite. So, before migration, you have to decide about it.

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