Trading - Pulse Rate

Hi Guys

My pulse rate while doing systematic auto trade is below. Am mostly around this on a trading day with position size as shown below. If you don’t mind please share yours.


There is no point in trading off health for wealth - a fact I figured out during my intensive screen watching the very first year of trading. After realising this I had switched to auto trading with Amibroker - IB Controller - Interactive Brokers TWS combo. Ever since I had indulged in trading which didn’t took much of my time or health. I would appreciate your views on the toll that trading took on your health (if it did ofcourse). If it didn’t and you are able to trade in zen mode please let that be known as well.


yup, for intraday the stress is not really worth it. The last straw for me was a day on which i got some seasonal allergy. You cant control these kind of things but you must execute everyday as edge is usually in outliers. Once you start trading multiple systems it will become impossible to execute manually anyway.

These days, even trading with discretion on Daily timeframe seems too much for me ( so say 1 hour work every day). I tried to do some paper trading for a while. But problem with that again is that you have to show up every day, even when you don’t want to. I much prefer to work when i want to. So i work in bursts then take breaks for many days. Not much chance of burn out from this i hope ( I had that in my coding career).

K. So what is holding you back from going fully systematic ?

That’s how i trade too. Just agreeing with you.