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If we Trade in Intraday Options mostly Buying,which is better MIS or CNC order.And in Which is Less Charges are Charged or Both are Same?..

Doesn’t matter now.
Same charges in both MIS & NRML.
No leverage will be provided in MIS.

If you square off the position on the same day then it is considered as MIS only. Also there is no leverage for these positions hence MIS and CNC is immaterial for Pure Intraday Options trading.

Although cost is the same now, an advantage of intraday is that if you forget to exit the position you get automatically squared off.

For Intraday, go for MIS. It will automatically square off the position at 3:25 PM in case you forget to do it.
However, in a CNC order, you will have to carry it over to the next day.

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