Trading Software and Laptop capacity

Which Intel processor is enough to handle trading software with enough speed. Is Intel i3 enough to handle a trading software with enough speed or do we need Intel i5?

Not just Intel even AMD’s latest processors are enough to handle the trading software. For speed I would suggest you get one with an SSD and one which has about 8gb of RAM. All latest models would work fine if you plan on doing normal trading that is place few buy or sell orders and all that. If you do want to work on multiple monitors though you would require an high end laptop or gaming laptops with multiple video outputs in the range of 40-80k range. Most lower range laptops too have an extra video output and you can add an additional monitor. (Check laptop processor list. Anything above 5k mark is excellent. 3-5k mark is good if you have it with an SSD and 8gb or more RAM. Below 3k mark, well they would be a little sluggish and I would steer away from below 2k ones.)
If you are trading from home then I would suggest you get a PC instead of an laptop but if you require for on the go needs then well laptops is fine.

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yes i3 will work , just get minimum 4 gb ram and good broadband connection

I assume you mean to say Intel i3 is good to go. About the RAM, I was planning for 4GB RAM. Can you please tell why 4GB won’t be enough and whether it will cause serious crawl. Next about SSD, Is it okay to have a cheaper SATA SSD or I must choose a NVME SSD?

I have an i3 7th gen laptop (4gb RAM + 1TB HD) and from the comparison of my desktop which is an i5 3rd gen (i5-3570 + 16GB RAM, 240GB SSD for OS and Apps + 6 TB Harddisk for other stuff) the laptop sucks big time. The biggest let down in the laptop is the harddisk as it the only component which throttles (is at 100% most of the time) the next component is the RAM which is 4gb and is ok for just pi in zerodha’s case but if you use chrome or Mozilla it easily uses over 90% so I would suggest you get an SSD (any SSD would be sufficient) and at least 8gb RAM. I use my laptop once or twice a month so it’s no big deal for me and haven’t bothered upgrading but since it would be your daily driver I would definitely suggest you get it paired with an SSD and at least 8GB of RAM. An i3 is fine but do check the specs page as there are many variants of the same generation with varying speed difference, check and get the best one. I had an commercial laptop with i3 4th gen and it was better and fastere than the one I use so definitely check the specs page.

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i am still using late 2012 macbook pro specs and it works fine …been 8+ years

It’s an Intel i7. My question is whether i3 is enough or do we need i5. It’s also not clear whether you are using 4GB or 8GB RAM? And I am seeking to know if 4GB will be enough? Further it will be great if you throw some light on whether to opt for SATA SSD Or NvME SSD?

what every model you choose ,take big display possible with high resolution more than 1080p .
multiple charts needs more pixels .im having ultra wide 3440 x 1440p ,it not enough for me see different time periods of same charts .

Yes, SSD plus at least 8 GB of memory for office tasks it seems a must today. So let’s do something more great than it’s already is. Can you please do that or not ? I am all for that matter anyway and will suggest anyone to buy such specs and not $250 laptops.

If you can just tell whether NvME SSD is worth the price or better be having SATA SSD if there is significant price differential between the two.

SATA SSD is fine.

Performance depends on the processor. If you have the newer generations (8th gen or the faster 9th gen), you should be more than fine. It doesn’t matter if you have i3 or i5 as long as it’s 8th or 9th gen. Obviously i3 8th gen is much faster compared to older generations i5 and even i7.

RAM and SSD are beside the point, so don’t worry about that.