Trading stocks listed in US


Can Indian residents buy as well as short stocks listed in the US?


Yes, you can buy US-listed stocks. Check this thread for more.

Thanks for your reply @Bhuvan . The link does not explicitly say whether you can short US stocks. Any idea on that?

You can, Just like you have to open a trading account in India with a broker to invest in shares listed on NSE or BSE, you are required to follow a similar process to open a trading account with an Indian broking house to invest in shares of companies listed on the NYSE/NASDAQ.

Some of the Indian stock brokers have tie-ups with foreign broking partner who has the license to act as an intermediary and execute the trades on your behalf on NYSE/NASDAQ. You just need to fill an application form and provide id proof and residential address proof to open an account.

There is an upper cap for investment, and it is $200,000.