Discipline does pay off…


Instead of creating a new thread every day - why don’t you put everything in a single thread? Maybe putting the screenshot for last few days in your original post? It will be reader friendly. I am sure there will be ups and downs but I do hope it will be one of the most fascinating thread.

Are you re-deploying the capital you won?

All the best for your journey.


What was your entry and exit price. I was short on pnb and suffered loss :disappointed:

You not upload your today’s trade report

Yes , you will get huge profits if you are well desciplined. You need to stay focused as the bad patch can hit you any time as trading is the other name of consistency. Never repeat the mistakes you have done in the past in order to ensure consistency. Thanks!

How many people are here who trade constantly and this replaces your main job? I thought there wasn’t that many people like this, because it’s very hard.

I too would like to know how many in this forum are full time profitable day traders. But so far none has given any proof of it.

one wonders , how many are so profitable without any proof.

If 2nd & 3rd holder kra verified, then do you want PAN and Address proof for Trading and Demat account opening?