Trading View chart kite app navigation addition

Currently TV on kite app don’t have feature to navigate from one script chart to another script chart. Can this be added to navigate from one script chart to another chart directly from previous script chart?

Is there any option to add multiple chart on same screen on Kite app, as I don’t see it on Kite app & kite web.

Currently if I want to navigate from one stock chart to another chart I need to close the previous stock chart & then manually need to navigate to another stock name & then click on that stocks chart.

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This is on our to-do list.

On Kite Web multiple chart features is available. On the app, it is not available at present.

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The TVC layout doesn’t remain same. See 1st fig where I have zoomed out or reduced the charts & indicators to smaller size but in see fig 2 it is getting enlarged or changed to default view.

Here the settings have not been changed, tried to reset settings auto fit, but after that also default view is loaded.

What can be done to keep the changed view when after few time want to see same view?

I have saved template as default view with indicator template also but nothing is changing

I tried this from my end. click the “save as default layout” button. it should save your changes.


Yes, that is getting saved but default layout is not getting saved as below

If I saved default layout with below settings in image 1

After opening app on next day or after sometime, it loads different layout or with settings as below in Image 2

Every time saving default layout is not possible every time it loads other layout or pre TV layout

It only saves the layout, it do not save the settings

“Auto (fit data to screen)” is the default setting, so it will be selected by default. If that is unselected, that means the user has manually adjusted the scale of the chart. This could be because the user wants to focus on a specific range of prices, or because they want to see the chart in a certain way that the automatic scaling doesn’t provide. When you manually adjust the scale, the “Auto” option is automatically unselected to indicate that the chart is no longer being automatically scaled.
If you want to return to automatic scaling, you can simply select the “Auto” option again. This will reset the chart to fit the available screen space.

Please note that the default layout saves the settings as well.