Trading view subscription worth it?

what are your takes on it? is it worth to buy the paid plan
i am looking for alerts and multiple windows majorly. backtesting with pinescript i want to try as well although learning it can take a lot of time i feel

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I have the Premium plan. It is worth it for me.
With Premium plan, you can backtest upto 20,000 bars, which is bare min you will need to backtest 15 min. Now they have ‘Deep History’ in beta which allows 10+ years backtesting even for 5 min TF.

Specific to the query you made following are the direct and allied differences between free and paid.

  • Charts per tab is only 1 for free plan. It goes up depending in the paid plan you have.

  • Number of saved chart layout is only 1 for free plan. It goes up depending in the paid plan you have.

  • Active alerts limited to 1 for free plan. It goes up depending in the paid plan you have.

  • Alert duration expiry is 2 months for free users. It is infinite for premium paid plan.

  • Data updates are per second for free plan. It is faster for paid plans.

  • Historical bars available is 5K for free plan. It goes up depending on the paid plan you have.

  • Export chart data feature not available in free plan.

  • Time limit for completing calc is 20 sec for free plan but is 40s for paid plans.

  • Webhooks are not supported in free plan.

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Can your current profit from trading cover such a huge recurring expenditure?

If yes, it is worth for you.
If not, rationally you cannot afford it (at least for now).

This is what I do to get more indicators in multiple monitors. I usually work only on one or two stocks at a time. So I have 3 trading view accounts (which is legal). I open up chrome - in the 1st acc. I do trend and snr lines, add 3 indicators which is i think the limit. There is an option in chrome to open a new profile for user (check google on how to - it is legal as well). In the new profile I open up the 2nd trading view acc. and open up the same stock (in that I minimize the stock price view which i don’t need) and add those indicators for which I don’t need to monitor price. Like some value of variable etc. We can add 3 indicators in full screen there. If you have two monitors, just open this profile in 2nd monitor. The 3rd traving view acc. is for backup in case, I have another stock in my watch list. This is one time setup, then you just have to open the already saved profiles everyday. Back testing is easy to do in python.

PS: If you can afford the premium do support tradingview!

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@Vij & @t7support has already shared good points. Tradingview paid plans are not too expensive, so generally traders can afford it.
For technical study Tradingview has changed the trader’s world, even i want to say tradingview is not less than miracle in tech analysis. Other charting softwares are more expensive than Tradingview, so many traders can afford to subscribe like or previously before Tradingview , i was using icharts, in which we have to use their indicators, no modification. But Tradingview changed the way of analysis.
we can add our own study in own indicators.
Although, i don’t have paid plan, because of my trading style.
My trading style, doesn’t require, live alerts or multiple window, or more bar calculation.
Even though, i also suggest to subscribe to paid plan, if you afford it, As it will help you to do more analysis.

to get alerts subscribe any broker’s API and just use python . It is easy to learn

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Thanks a lot guys, your inputs have been quite helpful. I appreciate it :slight_smile: