Trading with different DP with Zerodha

I am having DMAT account in ICICI bank and i have few shares holding in it.

Zerodha trading is linked to IL & FS DP.

i had not opened DMAT account with IL &FS and i had linked my ICICI bank DMAT account with Zerodha.

I am not able to see my holdings in zerodha as it is from ICICI bank.

how to sell the stocks in zerodha which is in my ICICI bank DMAT account ?


You won’t be able sell them through Zerodha. You will have to use the old broker (original broker) with whom you had opened ICICI bank dmat account.

Else you can open new dmat account with zerodha, transfer those shares in the new dmat account. Then you will be able to sell through zerodha.


Just to add on, the reason you cannot sell is because if you sell we as Zerodha will have no access to debit the shares you have sold which is lying in your ICICI demat.