Trading with zerodha

I am very new in this share market. Just now I have open my account with ZERODHA. Please guide me. I have received the LOG In ID and password . after change the password I have entered in a dashboard. I want to know is this my DEMAT ACCOUNT ?? For test I have added fund and today I purchase some share. I want to know when it will show in MY HOLDINGS. IS it after T+2 days in CNC mode ??? ALlso in ZERODHA backoffice till my account is showing Zero. If possible please guide me.

This is your New Trading Account that lets you BUY and SELL shares to and from your Demat Account.

Demat Account is the database and Trading Account is the front end.

Yes. It will show up in your Holdings after T + 2 days.

Give it a day for the trading account balance and backoffice to sync, its usually done overnight.

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