Tradingqna community virtual meet up

@Chetan_Nahata Join!

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Apple apple red red apple. Where are you @apple ?


I am in office :grimacing:

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You can still join us.

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thanks :slightly_smiling_face: will make it sometime in future

Here’s are some of the topics we discussed.

(others who attended please add any topics that i may have missed)

  • Bangalore traffic.
  • Taxation in India vs developed nations.
  • Tips from social media vs. full-service brokers.
  • Is the Indian tech-sector really down? Churning?
  • LLMs/GPT and impact on employment.
  • One’s Best invstements/trades.
  • Avoiding long-term capital-gains and overhead using futures.
  • Unrealistic expectations with trading.
  • Has India had a proper bear-market in our lifetimes?
  • How Interest-rate-parity explain false “arbitrage opportunities” away?
  • Thoughts for upcoming CAs?
  • Combining a traditional business and market-trading for the best of both worlds.

This finally happened, and thanks to everyone present.


Hi everyone,
@Meher_Smaran @nithin_kumrr @Jason_Castelino @cvs @Chetan_Nahata @metallicsigma

I just wanted to say that it was a great experience meeting all of you. I really enjoyed our discussion. It would be wonderful if we could have such meetings every month :smiley:


Too short a notice Meher… I was held up with something else yesterday… If you had given the info 1 to 2 days in advance, i would have priortized.