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Which Moving Average is best for Intraday and other Moving average for Swing Trading.

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Test it ! Nothing like asking question yourself and getting ( some sort of ) answer from market data.

In my own tests on intraday data, 20 is a reasonable number for many things, but there is no magic to it or even an edge and other numbers can be just as good or better depending on how you want to use it. Just be aware that trying to get an exact number such as say 16 or 29 is likely just over optimization.

U need to test yourself for best analysis there’s nothing rocket science in dng TA

Ideally 20,50 range can b useful

simple answer is ‘the one which is followed by majority’ .
This varies from stock to stock. Do your reserach on chart on different timescale and you will figure out.

8,13, 20 , 50 all are valid, but their application differs from stock to stock.

I had tried many but not successful,which ma is used by majority.

Moving averages are lagging indicators. The more the period the slower it becomes. It is typically used to guage the broad market trend. It wouldn’t suit much for intraday trading standalone.

Ideally you should do some backtesting to figure out what period of moving average you need to use.