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Can we do Intraday or BTST in Index Options and if we carry it for next day do we have Exit Problem in our Position, like of take Delivery of that Volume Problems.

Hy @Dipesh_Desai

Yes you can perform intraday and BTST trades in Index options. If you want to perform an intraday trade you can use MIS/NRML option. For BTST you can use NRML since you will have to carry it the next day.

Note Intraday Square Off at Zerodha for equity derivatives is at 3 25 pm.

You can check Varsity module for learning more on option contracts on this link.

If they are deep OTM and deep ITM there can be chances of contract being illiquid. Incase of expiry OTM contracts they expire worthless. For ITM contracts they are cash settled.

You can refer here for more information on Physical settlement.

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Can U tell Free Website Where I can see IV & PCR. And What is time of American Markets as Per Indian Standard Time and where I can see it live.I had tried but not good.