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Does anyone can tell,Where I can get live Chart of Dow or Dow futures in Indian market Time.

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Trading view and

These two are good enough for tracking US markets


Can u tell Time of US Market,when Indian Market is Open.

bro you could’ve googled this one

Nevertheless :sweat_smile:

I have but not satisfied answers

Then how After 1 P.m IST the business Channels mostly says that Dow futures are going down or up and our market are Reacting to them.As per ur Answer the US markets are Closing at 1.30 A.m.

Index Futures trade nearly 24/7.
Same analogy as SGX NIFTY.
I think you are new to market.

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Not New,2 years of trading but I am feed up of listening Dow futures gone up & down from news channels,our market Reacting to them.So I just want Dow futures live Chart while Trading.

don’t go beyond sgx nifty.


Thanks for sharing this, though one can find this with a single search :slight_smile: