Tradingview Alerts to Buy/Sell via Kite API

Hey there, hope you all are doing great!

I use a pinescript that provides alerts on tradingview, which help me in taking positions in the market. I consider that the script works well on its own and I am inclined to use it to generate buy/sell orders automatically on my Zerodha Account.

The only problem I face here is not have a bridge between these two sites. I am aware of Kite API, but I lack coding knowledge.

Is there anyway I can connect the Tradingview alerts and Kite API?

I’d be grateful if somebody can help me with this. Thank you!

I do not have much knowledge about coding either. I use a different software and it integrates directly with TradingView with a simple browser extension. You could try that software, you may like it. However for your present issue, you could try contacting Zerodha help centre, they may be able to help you out.

Thanks a lot ! I have seen some tutorials on such extensions but I am skeptical on their performance. Can you mention the name of the extension and also tell me how has it been working for you?