Tradingview charting version

Auto function that you’re mentioning is something else. Try to view a trading view chart on kite application on Android phone, then try to check OHLC data for any candle by pressing over the candle and then try to drag your finger. The expected behaviour is that crosshair should move and you should see OHLC data for another calander, but in zerodha, whole chart starts moving.
Example: ezgif-3-8095922527.gif - Google Drive

Man, you got anything?

Please keep your word Mr. Arockiya Raja (maximum at the end of this week).

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I forgot to mention you in my previous message

The time to bar close will be there on intraday timeframes.

We are currently discussing the release date and will update you very soon.



Kya bhai, ab isme konsa Muhurat dekhna yaar? Jaldi kariye, Groww surpass karne hi wala hai, uske pehle launch kar dijiye. Ek kaam kariye, Sept 19 ko Ganesh Chaturthi hai, Ganpati ka naam leke launch kar dijiye. Dhandha badhte hi rahega. Maniye meri.

@Arockiya_Raja You always tell you will give update but you never. I hope this time you are on time. Every broker has upgraded their tradingview version only the number 1 broker is still struggling to release it. We all understand you have lots of responsibility given the volume of trades are executed on your plateform but we need to have a balance between the system upgrades and stability.

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@nx.vijay , not completely sure, but it looks like they kinda ignored those TV library updates at first and only got to working on the TV updates later. That’s probably why Zerodha is a bit behind others when it comes to getting the latest stuff from TradingView.

Agreed. It seems like they wanted ChartIQ to be their primary charting platform and hoped that the clients would agree with that by virtue of their being so big.

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we need the timing on contract spot chart

Chandrayaan1, 2 and 3 were conceptualized, developed and successfully launched in due time. Even Aditya L-1 has been launched too. But the technological masterpiece Zerodha and its high tech team is bringing will sure be a masterpiece bcoz the time for its testing has been going on for such a long long time that @nithin may be overwhelmed by the promises its team making for years. Eagerly awaiting countdown to atleast begin @Arockiya_Raja. Even worst of the brokers have latest teamviewer updated platform. And the most trusted Zerodha is running at dead snail pace. Great tech team indeed.


I hope discussion regarding the release date will be over and you have release date for us.

Sahi kaha bhai, @Arockiya_Raja, agar kuch tay hua ho to hame bhi bataiye, ham bohot hi bechain hai yahan par.

We plan to launch the beta version of the new TV on the Kite Web by the end of next week.


Thanks, we will wait and hopes mobile app update will follows as well.

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Good News

Zerodha will KILL other brokers. Now they have open the Steak Scanner for Zerodha users for free.
The new TV Chart will be released soon and we will see how they are going to HIT others.

Following the addition of TV beta as a third option in the final round of testing, we noticed some challenges related to the newly introduced default layout. Due to unanticipated factors, couldn’t sort it out this week. Regrettably, the TV beta release has been delayed for a week or two.