Tradingview charting version

HELLO @siva @nithin
why is zerodha not even updating tradingview to the latest charting version like all other new brokers provide? I am not asking about trading from a chart but the only charting version of tv also looks old. or zerodha will never update it?


TV version upgrade is on our to-do list. Likely to be possible by end of this year.

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end of this year… :unamused: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

End of the year is here,
Pls update Trading View as you have
promised .:pray:

TV upgrade is in the testing phase. It will be ready to release soon.

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Thankyou :pray::+1:

eagerly awaiting for latest TV version, should we expect it by christmas eve.

Dear @Arockiya_Raja

Any update on the latest TV availability would be much appreciated.

It is still under testing. This might take a couple of weeks.

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i am just happy that you said couple of weeks and not months. :slight_smile:

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Any update on this?

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Dear @Arockiya_Raja
Any update on charts please tell because from last 2 months i am using other broker platform for seeing charts and punching orders on zerodha i am very loyal to you guys please update it. I have mailed zerodha customer care many time.

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So Zerodha Mods decided to not give an update on this.

Dhan, Upstox, Fyers and every other brocker has updated to Latest TV and trading from Chart.

The Tradingview upgrade is almost complete. We are striving to include the most requested features, which is taking some time. We agree that the TV chart hasn’t been updated in a long time, but are trying not to exclude significant ones from this upgrade.

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Finally! Please bring it! I want my intraday trades to be in Kite too!

I have switched to another broker for FnO trades just because of 3 things

  1. TV Charts with “Trade from Chart” feature
  2. Same balance for Equity and Commodity Trading
  3. Instant Fund Withdrawal

I want to come back to Kite for my Intraday Trading. My Investments for life are in Kite.

Please bring these features soon! The entire trading community is having high hopes for these features from Kite now!

@nithin I hope these 3 features come to Kite soon!

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@Arockiya_Raja Great to hear that TV live deployment is in its last leg…

I hope it has all the features and at least matches with Dhan.

Dhan has done pretty good job on TV deployment and page overview features web hooks to connect and trade with actual TV website, trading from charts including GTT etc.

@Arockiya_Raja It would really be nice to see TV updates in Zerodha as much as we get to see ChartIQ Updates :slight_smile:

Our view has not changed on this. We’re working on implementing potential features like default layout, trade from chart, and so on.


I just hope you guys don’t take too much time on this.

Initially told us on year end, year end to 30 days we are already delayed.

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I am also waiting for the same! I hope the testing is done and these features are deployed soon!

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