Tradingview drawing tool to mark HLines at regular intervals


As the title says, I was wondering if there is any tool on TV to automatically mark horizontal lines up or down on the chart at a regular interval, say 40 points from a price point. This is for purpose of creating multiple targets like T1 t2 t3 etc


Yeah. you can do it with Pine Script.
Tell Me Your Exact Need And I’ll be glad to help

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Update: I figured out how to do it on tradingview with pine as suggested by you Akash.

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Say I am long and my order is placed at 100. I want to draw 5 HLines in multiples of ‘X’ which will vary for every trade. If it’s 10 points for the example here, then the Hlines will be drawn at 110, 120 … 150 price levels. If I am short then those will be at 90,80 etc.

The Zerodha TV integration doesn’t support this pine script feature right? I will have to use it on TV website right? Is it a free or premium feature?

pinescript is free