Tradingview loads older charts when using indicators?


Tradingview shows charts but when using any indicators, it doesn’t load beyond some days. Is it the same with everyone or there’s some other way to do it; Does tradingview, load older charts when using indicators?


Odd, that you are still using tradingview, In the context that most Tradingview users I know have already migrated to Fyers Web.

Fyers Web same as Tradingview charts, with realtime ticks on Equity, F&O and MCX. Time to Check that out.


some indicators are not available in zerodha thats why.
Good alternative. But for this, one has to open an account with them only to use the same charts but full features. Any other way than this ?



I did open an account with Fyers (it’s just a back up account though I have like less than 1000 bucks in the account) Honestly speaking I would prefer Kite mobile or web app any day over Fyers web or mobile app the only reason being is Kite app is simple and loads much faster and on Fyers you have lot of indicators which is not much helpful for a trader like me. I am not saying it’s bad, but I would say Kite is much much better than Fyers mobile or web…

But couple of options which I liked in Fyers web is be able to view my positions on chart and able to close my position from the DOM (depth of market window) which I would like in kite because when the market is volatile you would want to quickly close the position and cash out.

I did couple of token trades just to check how fast the Fyers web is and I felt it’s somewhat slower than kite but not bad mind it. My primary trading account would be Zerodhas kite because it’s much faster.

However I would request Zerodha team to enable an option where I can close my position specially when I place Co or bo orders from the position window and not from order book.

Note : Fyers provides much higher exposure than Zerodha but it’s negligible