Tradingview loads older charts when using indicators?

Tradingview shows charts but when using any indicators, it doesn’t load beyond some days. Is it the same with everyone or there’s some other way to do it; Does tradingview, load older charts when using indicators?

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Odd, that you are still using tradingview, In the context that most Tradingview users I know have already migrated to Fyers Web.

Fyers Web same as Tradingview charts, with realtime ticks on Equity, F&O and MCX. Time to Check that out.

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some indicators are not available in zerodha thats why.
Good alternative. But for this, one has to open an account with them only to use the same charts but full features. Any other way than this ?


I did open an account with Fyers (it’s just a back up account though I have like less than 1000 bucks in the account) Honestly speaking I would prefer Kite mobile or web app any day over Fyers web or mobile app the only reason being is Kite app is simple and loads much faster and on Fyers you have lot of indicators which is not much helpful for a trader like me. I am not saying it’s bad, but I would say Kite is much much better than Fyers mobile or web…

But couple of options which I liked in Fyers web is be able to view my positions on chart and able to close my position from the DOM (depth of market window) which I would like in kite because when the market is volatile you would want to quickly close the position and cash out.

I did couple of token trades just to check how fast the Fyers web is and I felt it’s somewhat slower than kite but not bad mind it. My primary trading account would be Zerodhas kite because it’s much faster.

However I would request Zerodha team to enable an option where I can close my position specially when I place Co or bo orders from the position window and not from order book.

Note : Fyers provides much higher exposure than Zerodha but it’s negligible


2+ years back I had switched to Zerodha Broker. But last week all the TradingView Chart layouts (Indicators, Timeframes, Drawings etc.) disappeared from my Kite web (Browser Firefox). Came to know from Zerodha Technical team that all the Chart layouts stores in my Browser cache. Hence, I lost every individual settings on Equity stocks, Nifty, BankNifty Options Trading, Commodity, JPY, Usd, Gbp etc. If Zerodha doesn’t store in Cloud what is the use of Zerodha Kite? Somebody please inform me a different Broker who stores all the Chart layouts in the Cloud? Also, please inform any browser which allows to Export Site specific settings (For Ex: Zerodha Kite) to import back if anything goes wrong? @rahulkhanna @alphaT @trader_dude @sekhar916 @Newbie420 @saurav106 @abhi9392 @siva @rachuri1976 @ShubhS9

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Thanks for the reply.
Could somebody point out a different Broker, who stores all the Chart layouts in the Cloud? Also, please inform any web browser which allows to Export Site specific settings? (For Ex: Zerodha Kite) (to import back if anything goes wrong) @ShubhS9

No idea about any such broker or web browser which allows exporting of data. Though you can try TradingView, which does offer cloud sync.

@Smak_DxbUae this is because low cost brokers won’t afford to provide you space on cloud. Better go with full brokers; rather than discount brokers like zerodha. You’d get lots of more facilities also, like a robust platform that doesn’t hangs in volatile markets. Good things cost, right? Simple.

This is a myth, because of our active client base and social media expose any small issue at our end is magnified, you won’t believe how many times these so called big broker applications are actually down during market hours in last 6 months. We acknowledge any issue at our end but you can’t get even a reply from these big brokers.
Wondering if you can name one platform of these big brokers which is decent to trade and mention one feature or one act which make you think they are acting in the interests of users.
They are well established from decades but still you notice the same old cluttered platforms with complacent support and opaque cost structures. Also to mention we have more complex and efficient infrastructure than anyone in this industry. We process highest number of orders in an day in retail trading across the world.
Coming to the point TV is our vendor and use it’s charting library which is paid version. TV team don’t provide all features which is on it’s website to outside. As their client we have raised few requests and awaiting for them to release those in their next release.

You are absolutely right Mr.Shubh.

@ShubhS9 @siva @leodecaps

Fyers have tradingview library and they have cloud save, trade on charts etc.

Thanks for the reply. I will be contacting Fyers next week. @ShubhS9 @vishnux

As I mentioned earlier providing cloud option is under consideration, will let you know soon.

I use fyers only for charting , for trading zerodha is comfortable., will switch back to zerodha charting if their TV is stable.

I overall appreciate zerodha. They’re the best

At-least Zerodha should allow Cloud Storage of Chart Layouts with a validity/time limit of at-least one week time along with a facility to export from cloud & import to cloud. That way Zerodha could reduce the Cloud space charges. (I am not an expert in this area.) @ShubhS9 @siva @vishnux @leodecaps @Vikram_Rao

How much space is it going to take? Few hundred KB’s per user, it’s mere 3 odd GB for Zerodha’s 1.5m clients. Also they need to introduce a feature where all our charts are saved in 1 file (unless user opts to save it differently) rather than seperately, this way we can do analysis on as many scrips as we want and loading will be fast as well.

No IT is not the case. Icicidirect is full brokers but they donot have proper charting tool. Also they charge very high brokrage.

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Heard that Fyers allow 2 to 3 indicators at a time Is it true?

**yes , kite is using old trading view system ,

it should update to new software **