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I am a novice trader, and I regularly trade options contracts at NSE, India. I am looking forward to opting for a Tradingview annual premium subscription. Is it possible for me to get live options premium data feed from NSE through third-party NSE live data feed providers to chart on Tradingview? Please let me know.

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Tradingview don’t have Indian options only spot and futures right now


Zerodha and upstox do provide trading view charts. All live data for spot and f&o. The only drawback is that charting isn’t how it is on the original trading view platform. The charts here hang sometimes or don’t load the data properly. You need to keep refreshing it.


I am not able to pay for TV using my debit card. It always shkws error. How do you pay for it?

I guess it’s a recurring transaction so they accept only credit cards.

You can pay via Gpay using UPI. They now have the feature.

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where have you seen UPI pay option? Is it on mobile app? I dont see it on web

If you go to the payment method and click on add new method you can see the GPAY option. I did it on my Desktop.


I want to see a sample data of a feature called " export chart data" available for premium users.
Any premium user would like to share a sample data of any stocks or index pls?

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Here you go. A snapshot of exported data from NIFTY 4 hour chart

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Thank you very much for this sample & also for quick reply.

You are most welcome.

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I had used that option already. When you click on buy with GPay it shows only option to add debit/credit card. no UPI. I also tried on mobile app, there although it shows UPI ID but says UPI unavailable for subscription, same with netbanking. One option is to add Rs 8100 to google pay but I dont want to do that

Well what you get is what you have. If you have further concerns on the status of UPI you can post to tradingview support. They may help.