Traditional brokers are becoming Discount broker

Hai now a day traditional broker are becoming discount broker , now lot of startups in broking business are in pipeline , Now angel reduce 30 to 20 per order for investment is 0 now , but angel client is not growing when comparing zerodha ,
now GROWW app is entering in stock broking and PAYTM , How zerodha will manage these tough competition , any future intresting plan with zerodha , and why SEBI is giving too many license to new broking company because enough BROKING company in this industry is available , everybody will not surview in this business the SEBI knows , then how sebi will safeguard client money in small broking company … @nithin

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Unlike Zerodha most if not all new brokers are funded by VC’s and don’t have sustainable business model without VC’s money, think new traders and investors need to be wary about this fact when choosing broker.

Products should speak, who ever has the better product wins, it is not a price war anymore. Competition should be there and we welcome anyone entering the market if they are helping in growing the ecosystem.

We will continue to do what we are doing, innovating, empowering and growing the ecosystem.

If that’s the rule then zerodha would have not existed today, it should be free and fare market if not complacency will pile up and kill the innovation.
The onus of selecting broker is up-to the user after-all it is his/her hard earned money. Regulators should be effective and adaptable to changes.


i will stick with zerodha , we need zerodha forever


Agree and copy