Trailing SL clarification on BO

I usually put a trailing SL of 1 on my scripts, so everytime the script moves by 1 in my anticipated direction, the SL also moves by 1 (abs value), my question is, incase i put the trailing SL as 0.1 (abs value), will my sl trail by 10 paise, everytime, the price moves by 10 paise? also, what happens, if the price moves directly by 50 paise, will the sl also auto trail by 50 paise? Please guide.

Minimum Trailing SL in absolute value can’t be less than 1.

Otherwise keep Trailing SL in ticks if you want to have it less than 1.



You can place decimal values only above the min trailing SL of 1. So you can place 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 etc but the minimum value is 1.