Trailing SL in Streak?

How to set Trailing SL in Streak?

If it’s not possible, is there a way to modify SL and Target while already in a trade?


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If you have entered a trade, you can not modify SL and TP for the active cycle. If you are changing TP and SL, it becomes discretionary. Having said that, you can change your SLM (for MIS) from Kite, you cannot do this from streak. In case you make changes from kite, Streak will not be able to track the modifications.

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@Krishnendu Thanks for the clarification. But my first question remains unanswered. I know Streak doesn’t allow BO at this moment (as Kite is not allowing it for last 3 months due to volatility). So I raised the question. But you answered as if BO is allowed.

Request you to please answer considering the current and practical scenario. With BO being blocked now, how to place a TSL?

A related question:
I see volatility of market is around 30% now a day, but still BO is not allowed. Can you please tell the limit of volatility when BO will be allowed again?

You can use ATR Stop Loss, PSAR or Supertend in exit condition to implement a dynamic indicator based stop loss. PSAR(Parabolic Stop and Reverse) was infact created to act as a stop loss.

For example, in a long strategy, you can add “Close crosses below PSAR (0.2, 0.02)”.

If you have any specific requirements, you can write to the support team([email protected]).

I see trailing SL option in streak now with Target and SL. Is it really functional or just for testing purpose ?
Can i use it in Live Trade ???

Hi @Ram_Prakash

Yes, you can use the TSL in backtesting and in Live and paper trades.

Say, I am Long in an option with following conditions at 5 minutes candle time frame:

  1. Entry Price - 100
  2. SL - 2%
  3. Target - 20 %
  4. TSL - 1%

After Entry next candle is Open-100, Low-95, Close-99 and High-122
What will be the outcome of above condition during the creation of next 5 minute candle or after that ?

Entry is CE 100 and PE 100
SL 30% on both sides
Target is 50% on both sides
and TSL is 10%

market hit SL on CE
PE prices moved to 80, but still SL shows 130 only
it should move up to 120, 110 etc

Please note that when you backtest or deploy a Strategy with multiple legs (Scrips), each of the Scrips will be considered an individual strategy. The Stoploss, Target profit, Trailing Stoploss, and Entry-Exit conditions will be checked and triggered on each Scrip individually.

Also note that when you select a Trailing stop loss(TSL) for the strategy and deploy the strategy live, then the current UI will only show the original SL level in the live positions (deployed strategies section). However, the TSL will keep updating automatically in the backend, and based on your updated TSL the system will send you an alert when the TSL level is breached.

You can check our TSL calculator sheet, and input your trade values(Entry price, SL, TP, and assigned TSL) to get all the TSL levels for your trades. @Ram_Prakash you can also refer to the below sheet and enter your trade levels:

Also refer to the below resources better understand the functioning of TSL-
Streak Blog-
Video Explanation- Introducing Dynamic Futures & Trading with Trailing Stoploss on Streak - YouTube

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thank you for your response.

Can you also help to setup an entry based on india vix

Entry condition:

enter the trade only if the vix % of change is less than 8% (means do not enter the trade if the vix is above 8% change from today’s open)

You can refer to the below screenshot for the conditions if your strategy is based on a 5-minute time frame :

The conditions will only trigger if the Vix is not higher than 8% from today’s open on the entry candle. Using the above logic you can select the time frame as per your requirement.

Can we have 2 SL and target conditions for a given trade?
For e.g., initially can I have condition as - 2% SL and Target of 6% (RR=1:3) and after the trade hits the given target can I trail it with 1% SL till market closes (without exiting the trade and reentering it the new TSL condition)?