TRAILING SL request on Kite

Please add back Trailing SL feature for MIS and CNC GTT orders, this would be the most useful for FnO traders to secure profit that too by relatively less tracking time.
Previously there was CO facility but almost all the brokers remove it !
Can Zerodha pioneer again to add Trailing SL/cover orders with current margin requirements by SEBI.

If it’s barred by SEBI can you give a statutory reference? Like circular/guidelines/notice/rules&regulations ?

Thankyou !

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@nithin @ShubhS9

Hi @varad_mulye,

Adding trailing stoploss to GTT has been on our to-do, we plan to implement this soon.

Any ETA? Or timeline you wish to share?

No timeline yet, once our development team picks it up,I’ll share a possible ETA