Trailing Stop Loss for Commodities on Streak

Is there any option for placing TSL for MCX via Streak, as BO is not allowed for commodities??
Kindly advise.

Hi @nkme2007,

TSL is only applicable for BO orders only and you cannot implement TSL for MCX instruments, currently.

A logical way to trail the stoploss would be to use the ATR Trail Stop Loss indicator. I use that on MCX for my manually placed trades. Unfortunately, I can’t deploy that strategy on Streak as Streak doesn’t support the indicator yet.

Hi @Nishantr,

This is already in our roadmap. It will be added soon.

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Would ‘Cover Order on MCX’ be supported on Streak too?

CO + ATR Trail Stoploss will be a fine blend for algo!

Hi @Nishantr

This is in our roadmap. But it will take some time to add this.

CO would make the right solution for Algos.

BO fails. The Target price and SL that can be set in BO are restricted by upper and lower circuit limits set by exchange.

Hence, BO orders will not correlate with the backtesting results shown by strategies as I believe the backtests on Streak doesn’t really take into account circuit limits. Am I right?

You cannot backtest with BO separately in Streak currently. In case you are testing MIS strategies, a MIS limit order is assumed to be placed when you condition is met. Hence there are no conflicts with circuit limits.