Trailing stop loss in Cover Orders

Why don’t we have trailing stop loss(TSL) in cover orders(CO)?

I see that we have TSL in Bracket orders(BO). Why isn’t it implemented in CO?

If one is trying to follow a trend with no specific target defined, and exit condition is when trend reverses, then TSL in CO could be valuable.

I understand using BO one can implement something similar by setting a high target parameter.

But, while trading commodity, BO orders aren’t available. CO is the only option there. But, at the moment the stop loss in CO has to be manually trailed. TSL in CO will be great for commodity trading.

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Bumping this post. Does anyone know why we don’t have trailing stoploss in cover orders?

Trailing stop loss would make it an algo, also in that case it is similar to BO.

Well, in that case, it would be great if BO could be implemented in Commodity segment. Right now placing CO in commodities needs continuous checking of the chart to manually trail the stop-loss.

Will do but will take more time.

This is exactly what I am looking for.

Trailing stop loss in cover order is the best thing for intraday traders. Please fulfill this need.