Trailing Stop Loss in Streak Backtests


Since Bracket Orders are introduced in Streak now. Could you please also add the Trailing Stop Loss parameter to back testing too. It would be really helpful to know the results before deploying/using it.




Yea we are working on it, its small thing but takes a lot of fine tuning and testing as backtesting is done once OHLC candlesticks, whereas the Trailing stoploss moves with the LTP.

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Thank you for the response.

Also, would it be feasible to add LTP as a parameter just like OHLC?


I tried using BO today, I cannot access TSL at all.

I have to keep manually adjusting the SL… apparently in the video you used a regular BO to demonstrate TSL and not streak based BO. Please educate me.

When you deploy your algo as BO and click on notification, TSL option shall be visible in the order window. You can check it out in the image



It seems that TSL has already been there. It is always an issue for a trader, as learning one program takes also some time. Luckily, when you learn all the secrets you will be able to create miracles on the market with very powerful tool

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Dear Streak team,

When are you going to start trailing stop loss.

Check this

But, that does not make any difference because the BO are blocked by zerodha. So, one can not trade using bracket orders.
Or, one can if he/she is using streak?

BO is an exchange approved order type provided by the broker. You can use BO after Zerodha unblocks it.

Please check the bulletin from time to time.