Trailing Stop loss in Streak

Hi Streak,

I recently started using your service and found it very helpful especially for intraday trading.

My question is that I see you have the option to trail stop loss. But I am not sure how you are implementing it. Can you make me understand this with an example?


Please refer to the below blog to understand the functioning of TSL better-

For a simple explanation through an example refer to Trailing stop loss in regular MIS orders - #3 by Krishnendu


Thank you for your response.

Will go through it.


Can I by any means calculate the TSL level of my trade?

I mean if I could know at what level could my TSL get triggered. I know i can do that using a calculator but any easy way? Calculating tsl manually takes too much time so a faster way could help


You can easily check all three types of Trailing Stop Loss i.e.

  1. percent based,
  2. points-based, and
  3. absolute-based TSL by using the below sheet:
    TSL Calculator | Streak - Google Sheets

Thank you, This is much better.


can anyone share an example where TSL helped in improving their strategy returns?


Even I wanted to test this. So I created a demo strategy with SL as 20 points and TSL as 2 points and TP as 999999 (so that exit is only when SL /TSL is hit). Take a look at the below images of the strategy condition and the order log if you can understand. It was a paper trade and TSL worked fine.

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16 point profit is not that bad, if you had more quantity the profit would be amazing. That to the TSL is hit meaning that this was a losing trade but saved by TSL.

Is the Trailing Stop loss available only in “Advance Create” because I couldn’t find it in “Basic Create”.

Just to confirm.

Thanks in Advance.

Currently, TSL (Trailing Stop-loss) is only available in the Advance create mode of Streak.