Trailing stop loss in ticks on kite


Why is trailing stop loss in ticks not available on kite? Is it available on kite 3?


Or can the trailing stop loss be in decimals on kite or kite 3 beta?


Trailing Stop-loss is Currently available in Absolute Value.
Example:- 1,2,3,4… ( Minimum value 1 )
You can’t use .10, .20, .50 as Trailing Stop-loss.


That’s bad. Thank you, anyway


The minimum absolute value for trailing stoploss is 1. You can use decimals over this minimum value, say 1.1, 1.2 etc.

Also, absolute values are how we trade in real time. Do you prefer ticks? It gets cumbersome for larger numbers.


Ticks would be better when we’re trading with high leverage in penny stocks. there’s no way to preserve profits there and ultimately we’re gonna book losses. Please try to introduce trailing stop in decimals on kite 3


Completely agree with Ravindranath. If someone would like to buy/sell shares like Rcom, which is trading at around Rs. 11.

Trailing stop loss of 1 rupee (9.01%) would be ridiculous.



It’s been around a year…still no change in the minimum TSL!!!
That’s not good!