Transfer from easiest to your broker - any DP charges or tax?

I am wondering, are there any DP charges when you transfer from easiest account to your broker? (remember your broker is your trusted account and reason why you transfer to your broker so you can sale during open market)

also are there any STT or shot or long term tax on such transfer (please note this is not a sale…its just internal transfer to your broker)

DP shall charge for any debit instruction from your demat account be it market trade mode or off market mode…be it through Speed e or Easiest or DIS slip.
Internal transfer in advance to a bse/nse member for sale is not taxable unless actual sale take place based on settlement number / bill cum contract note of broker.

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Can u please tell me which brokers you are using that allows you to sale first and than you transfer from easiest? and when you transfer what do you choose under 'Resaon for trade" can we choose ‘for legitimate outstanding to broker’?

@curiousvi ; i deal with a non corporate Proprietor broker member of NSE and through him only a pvt ltd brokerage firm for BSE trades. when i transfer my sold shares to him for nse or the firm for bse beside scrip and quantity i have to mention only settlement number and date of execution. there can not be any reason because when settlement number is mentioned it means it is because the shares have been already sold in this settlement. i am using NSDL speed E and never used Easiest of CDSL.
without selling you can transfer the shares with settlement no but under any circumstances you should be able to sell on that day for which you have mentioned the settlement no.

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I can not even sale my shares because I can not even see my shares in my trading account…for trial …I transferred only 2 shares on Wednesday and on Friday I could see them in my trading account…

And I told broker that this is not convenient …he said this is how we do business so…