Transfer mutual fund from Coin to AMC

All my mutual fund holdings are directly with AMC except one in Coin. I want to transfer my Coin holding directly to AMC. Is it possible?

this is correct form form for it? How to Re-materialize mutual funds?

Yep, this is correct.

On a side note, any specific reason for you to do this? Just curious. I transferred all my MF holdings from AMCs (used to invest directly with AMCs) to Coin. It makes a lot of sense to keep all of your investments under one roof. You have easy access. I’d understand if the charges were more but Coin is free as far as I know. Btw, I’d suggest you to move your MFs from the AMCs to Coin. They also introduced online nomination now, which holds good for MFs as well.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not advertising Zerodha here.

@Himansh people who do not use active trading account may not find it useful because you have to pay AMC charge to zerodha whilst keeping just 1 MF.

Redeem from AMC and re-invest same amount of money in Coin. It’s hassle free.

I guess thats not the solution he is looking for. He is asking about “transferring” process. @NikhilPatel , I guess that won’t be possible without redeeming and buying back again. These platforms are easier only for “entry”, the moment it comes to “exit”; things are not so straightforward.

My bad. He has to do it other way. Redeem from Coin and invest with AMC.
(If one does not want paper work and delay. )

I only have one mutual fund holding so it’s easier to move it from demat, I don’t see any extra feature demat offers that I need to use.

I only hold mutual funds, I understand if I have stocks then it will be better to move all to demat.

@Kishore443 @Sant I can’t buy and sell like that because of tax I have to pay and exit charges. I want to transfer and I think it should be possible by this form