Transfer of Lock-in shares

I have a few shares that are in lock-in period. I now wish to close this demat account. Can I transfer these shares to my dad’s account and close my demat account?

Shares under lock-in period cannot be transferred from one person’s demat account to another. Transfer can only be done between your own accounts by way of account transfer where the source account will be closed.


Can I do close and transfer of the source account? But my source dmat company says they cannot do it. Is there a way or a pronlem.? Any comments are appreciated.

An account can’t be closed without shares being transferred out. You’ll have to open a new account, transfer the shares and then close the existing account.

I have 75 locked shares of yesbank l want to transfer my shares from my angel broking account to zerodha account. But angel says you cannot transfer to your own account also

Can you please explain the process how to do that

You can transfer Yes Bank shares in lock-in period to your Zerodha account by doing closure cum transfer, you can read this for detailed information on how to transfer shares.

My shares are lock in of yesbank in angel broking. I have opened zerodha account which on my name.Due to covid no branches are open of angel broking they are just communicating online. When I trying to ask them about the transfer of shares they are replying that u cannot transfer shares.
Please help sir. I opened zerodha so that I can transfer shares to my account but they are not helping me

You will have to get in touch with them and submit the required documents to get the process done, there’s not much we can do about this. If you need help filling the DIS Slip, you can refer to this article.

It is possible if you want to close your demat with Angel and shift all scrips to Zerodha .
Take a physical closer cum transfer form from Angel DP , fill it ( very easy ) and handover to them along with CMR of Zerodhra . you will need a duly stamped and signed physical copy of CMR from Zerodha as most DP’S will not accept online print. on request Zerodhra will supply you by courier.
once above is done , your demat account with Angel will be closed in 2-3 working days with all securities transferred to Zerodha .
No charges will be levied for this act ,Rather you will get proportional refund of your DP charges .
******i have recently done so from a Bank DP to Zerodha DP so know exact process.

Closer cum transfer will be provided online to me or offline

My DP which was a bank , insisted on personally collecting physical form on a request letter . They provided me with demat statement and asked me to come with Physical CMR copy of Zerodha duly signed and stamped . I raised a request to Zerodha for same but as it was taking time , i e -mailed the HO of Bank to request acceptance of Online print copy of Zerodha CMR considering postal restriction due to Covid .
they accepted my request and took my demat closer cum transfer request application .

TAKE A PRINT OF ABOVE FORM … @RANG…similar form of Sharekhan