Transfer of Shares from Karvy to Zerodha

My Mother is holding Demat account with Karvy with following ownership:
First Holder: Mother
Joint Holder: Me.
Because of this Karvy episode, I have to transfer the holding to another broker. My mother has another demat account with zerodha with following ownership:
First Holder: Mother
Second Holder: Father.

If we transfer stocks from Karvy to Zerodha will the capital gain tax has to be paid since joint holder is different in two demat accounts or capital gain is not considered since in both the accounts my mother is the First holder.

If someone can throw knowledge on this will be really appreciated and need to decide quickly.

You’ll have to initiate an off market transfer from your Karvy Account to your Zerodha Account. While initiating the transfer, you may mention the transfer reason as “Transfer between 2 accounts of the same holder”. There’s no capital gain tax to be paid on the transfer.

However, you do incur transfer charges that your DP will collect (Karvy) for initiating the transfer. If the style and order of accounts are the same in both DPs (Karvy & Zerodha), then you may initiate a ‘closure-cum-transfer’ for which transfer charges aren’t levied.


Thanks Venu.!!

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