Transfer of shares from my father's name to mine - Share Certificates

My father is holding physical share certificates of many companies which are trading on the Exchanges. I want to transfer them to my name and hold it in demat form.

How can I go about doing it?


Hi Sameer,

Shares should be transferred from your father name to your name. This should be done by the company in which your father has invested or shares certificates belong.  

Firstly you'll have to download Form no. SH-4 –Securities Transfer Form. You and your father will have to fill the form and sign it. Transferor’s particulars should be filled and signed by your father, and Transferees’ Particulars should be filled and signed by you.

Once Form no. SH-4 is completely filled you should send this form along with your father'a physical certificates, PAN card copy to the company's Registrar and Transfer (R&T) agent. Within a month R&T agents of company will issue new physical certificates in your name.

To de-materialize these physical certificates your can fill the dematerialization form and submit to your Depository Participant along with the physical shares certificates, so that shares get transfer to your demat account. De-materialization form is available with your broker or depository participant.


Shiva , incomplete info ,

  1. Transfer Stamp has to be affixed @ .25% pf market value , in maharashtra one needs to do it at boi caps at bse or other locations.

Companies endorse the share certificate with new names , folio and transfer nos on the reverse / back side of certificate , they generally dont issue new certificates

Thank you Shiva sir for the detailed explanation.

Hi Shiva

Is this procedure still valid? I want to transfer some certificates from his name to my name.

Can I take help of some agent for this?

Easiest way is to demat in his name & then trfr to u

Avoids hassle. Of physical stamps & headache of contacting multiple companies registrars

Also even if transferred to ur name, any unpaid dividends will be only applicable in his name and so u have to contact company registrar and send a letter in his name asking for unpaid dividends.