Transfer shares from personal CDSL to company account?


I have some shares held in my personal CDSL account via Zerodha. If I have a LLP who’s account I create via Zerodha, can I transfer my personal CDSL holdings to the newly formed LLP’s CDSL created via Zerodha?

As per sebi has allowed LLP to be shareholders but atleast two members of LLP should have experience of two year in dealing with securities.

Thank you for that information, is there any document on SEBI website you could point me to that has some more details about this?

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There are lot of circular published every month which will be hard to find for now but you can refer to

Can An LLP Do Financial Activity

if LLP is registered under non financing then you can’t do it. Also investment can’t be done under firm name rather with partner name.

above information is from other source