Transfer through CMBP ID

Can I transfer in my holdings through CMBP ?


@Nitin_Verma we do not support transfers to our CM-BP-Id. Note that if you’re transferring shares from a demat account held else where to your Zerodha CDSL account, you’ll have to initiate an off market transfer for which you don’t need the CM-BP-Id. You’ll need the CM-BP-Id for doing On market trades only, i.e., transferring shares to your broker in case there’s any payin obligation.

@Nitin_Verma : I have my demat account with a cooperative bank and trading account with LKP securities ltd, a corporate brokerage house and also with a nse proprietor member broker. i do give deliveries of my sale through nsdl speed E and long back the same were through DIS slip. no POA given. i understand brokers who insist on POA for demat operation may not support direct deliveries to CMBP-ID .

@Nakul @siva

Any change in the above? or Zerodha does not support online transfer of shares from NSDL to CDSL?

It would be really helpful if Zerodha does support, as my aged parents would not have to visit the brokers office to transfer their shares to Zerodha.

Yeah, there’s no change in this process.

Brokers can’t take securities to their pool (CM BP ID) for the purpose of transferring securities from one demat to another. Securities can be taken into the broker’s pool account only when there’s an obligation to give shares to the clearing corporation for the trades you’ve taken.

If your are using NSDL’s SPEED-e service as a password client, you will not be able to transfer the securities. You will have to be a smart card user if you want to do this transfer online. The broker with who you are holding the NSDL demat account can help you with this.

Alternatively, your parents can just send a Delivery Instruct Slip (DIS) to the broker and have the shares transferred.

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