Transferring shares from AxisDirect to Zerodha

Hello friends, I have two questions

  1. Once I submit the DIS, how many days should it take to transfer shares in my Zerodha demat.
    2.Will AxisDirect and/or zerodha charge for this transfer?
  1. May be anywhere from 3-7 working days.
  2. Axis may Charge, Zerodha does not as far as I know, I may be wrong.
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If you opt for a ‘closure cum transfer’, then DIS charges don’t apply because Depositories restrict the broker from charging for share transfers when the source account is being closed. You also avoid paying AMC charges for the maintenance of the Demat account.
If you opt for just transfer of shares, then DIS charges will be applicable as per their charge sheet.


Thanks for your help

I am not closing that account. So I will ask AxisDirect about the charges. Thanks a lot.

Just checked the Axis Direct charge sheet, their DIS transfer charges are as below:


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This is Way too much.

Maybe not. I’m looking to transfer some from kotak Securities and my charges will be “Charges Applicable for Share Transfer are Rs.27 + Rs.4.50 (NSDL Charges) or 0.04% + Rs.4.50 (NSDL Charges) whichever is higher.”. So, your upper cap of Rs. 25 will still save you some money.

Rs.25 is the lower cap meaning it is the minimum transfer charge per instruction. 0.04% of the transaction value is the upper cap.
So if you are transferring 5 lacs worth of a share in one instruction, then this will cost Rs.200.

Exactly that was what I was stating. He said its “Too Much” and I said its “still cheap”.

Thanks…AxisDirect also confirmed the same


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