Trend and candlestick pattern

Dear sir;

I have few doubts ,pls clarify it-

As it is said to trade in the direction of trend and also look for a candlestick pattern. BUT candlestick are trend reversal pattern SO HOW to trade in the direction of trend?

And secondly, for Day-Trading if I fallow 15 Min chart then should I consider Pattern formed on a Daily chart or not?

Yes, most of the patterns indicate a trend reversal (at the point of initiating the trade) and it allows you to stay in the trend as long as the trend lasts. Remember, most of the candlestick patterns comes in with a pre defined stoploss.

You can learn more on candlesticks and associated patterns here -

There are lot of trend indicators available like RSI ,super trend etc which gives good results and if combined with candlestick reversal pattern ( hammer,shooting star) will enhance trading.
Drawing the trend lines on candle stick and trading breakout also helps to greater extent in recognizing price movement.
If you follow 15 mins , ideal would be 1hr (trend),15 mins and 5mins ( entering the trade).
Daily pattern are used by positional traders.

I am using Kite. Want to know how to draw trend line on the candle stick chart. I have tried draw option but unable to draw. Can someone help please thanks

Use this