Trend line based alerts

Hi, when can we expect to get trend line based alerts on Sentinel?

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No plans currently.

yes trendlines alert is missing but it is very imp for daytraders :disappointed:

I am also eagerly waitnig for Trendline alert facility

You could use a little mathematics to do this.

Its just linear equation that will be satisfied and sentinel provide all bunch of function to do this.

For eg:

(LastTradedPrice(‘NFO:NIFTY21JANFUT’) - ((1422117 + -13*((YearDay() - 1) * 375 + (Hour() * 60 + Minute() - 555) - 4528)) / 97)) > 0

this is the trigger when nifty future touch my trndline shown in image.

I have a python script that generate this alert based on coordinates that I provide.

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Hi, this looks promising but could you please explain the reason behind using the values like 1422117,13, 555, 4528 and 97. It would be extremely helpful if you can provide some hint.
hank you :slight_smile: