Trend line break out along with 6 ema 20 sma crossover

Can you please help in creating conditions for a trend line break out with 6 ema and 20 SMA cross over ( 5 min time frame ) you can check the SS

I have created a strategy based on my understanding of your requirement. Click on the below link to access the strategy.

Please note that trend lines are visual illustrations and logical conditions can not be created to fetch all the trend lines each time they occur. This is because exact similar scenarios of the created conditions can not occur in the market often. In the live market, you can not predefine at what interval the trend lines are going to form. The logic in the above strategy is created to connect the highest highs in the 10-candle interval for the previous 30 candles. You can change the candle interval as per your requirement. The SL and TP are also randomly selected you can change them.

To learn about the logic behind the above conditions and how trend lines can be created in Streak, you can refer to the below link-