Trend lines drawn on my Kite login in desktop not available when logged in via laptop

@nithin Why can’t I view my trend lines and other technical analysis drawn in each scrip on my Kite terminal logged in on my desktop when I login into the same ID through my laptop.

I usually do the EOD analysis at home and draw the trend lines at my home computer, but they are not visible on my office laptop. As a reason I have to carry my office laptop daily back home and draw the same in the laptop.

Is this a problem only faced by me or is there a way I can solve this problem?

The drawings get saved on the computer unlike indicators on the cloud. @siva ?

Right, drawings are saved locally, only on that system/browser. They are not saved on cloud.

Any chance this can be changed, would be really helpful.

Don’t know why others have raised this issue?

No possibility of change for now but will note this. Most are aware of this.

@nithin @siva Hi are there any issues with the same, off late trend lines on some of my scrips seem to be missing. At first I thought that I might have run some cache cleaner or other such software, but then I noticed that the lines are missing only for a few o my scrips and not all of them.

Please help as it takes lot of time drawing these trend lines, support and resistance zones & for me draw them again makes it very difficult.

At a time only for 10 scrips drawings are saved on chartiq, it follows FIFO(First in first out method). If one adds for 11 th scrip, drawings for 1st will be gone. One can try saving on TV as chart layout as in each layout one can add upto 8 scrips simultaneously and can save 10 layouts.

@siva @nithin

Why only 10 scrips?

Any go around tip for this because 10 scrips is way too less, I have 20 stocks in my watchlist and plan to increase it to 50 at least.

Is there a difference if I use trading view charts, whats the difference between ChartIQ or Tradingview.

You can check it by yourself. Click on account and select my profile, go to preferences and select TV.

what about the PI desktop terminal, can I save and store over there?

I need the levels in front of me while I trade.

You can do on pi,but I don’t recommend to use pi. Can check on Trading View charts on kite.

If on mobile you can save 10 scrips via Kite Android app and 10 via Kite Web, if on PC you can try different browsers.

I still do not honestly understand why people even use mobile for something like active trading, I can get checking e-mail or visit some website in rush, in all other ways it’s simply not that applicable anyway. See my point ? You really need to get out.

Where to find charts file to save backup