Trend lines in Kite

Any body let me know, how to draw trend lines on charts in Kite ( refer attachment)

On Kite charts, select the ‘draw’ option and then select ‘line’ from the list of drawing tools.

You can now use the line drawing tool to draw trendlines on charts based on your study.

Thank you for your kind reply, i tried up to selecting Line, but many lines rotating 360 degree like self profiled antiaircraft gun confused me, i wish if i would have been a developer , i made it simpler
any way thank you for this great tool,

i’m able to draw the trend lines but when i visit the script(after restart of system or kite web), trend lines are disappearing.

please suggest me some solution.

Ensure you are saving the tredlines drawn. Also, layouts are saved locally in your browser cache, if you delete the browser cache, the same will be erased. You can check this article for more information.

thanks for your reply.

cookies are blocked in my browser, now i am changing the settings, will back in a couple of days to give conformation.

thanks again.