Trend of stock price post "X split"

Dear Folks,

I would like to know, what is the trend of price post “X split” of a quality stocks (ICICI, SBI recently happened). Does the stock price relatively goes down? If yes, by how much % ideally. So that this becomes an appropriate time to invest for a long term tenure.

Mr Nitin, would really appreciate if you can share your experience in past, as you have good amount of knowledge, been for so long…


The trend usually depends on the general demand and supply situation and it is not really dependent on the corporate action (bonus, split, rights etc).

Well Mr Karthik, “General” is too extensive word. If you go by recent INFY bonus example, it is giving more room to fall…
I believe there is always a notion among FII’s and big ticket investors (which not at all means domestic retail participants), think we as a retail investors will jump into buying the stock same day as soon as corporate events (especially stock split/bonus issue) takes place, and these trend is keen watched by biggies investors, which led to make some profit booking selling bulk orders, leads to stock fall.